Hussein Taher

My name is Hussein Taher and I’m a programmer from Malmö, Sweden currently studying Game Programming at The Game Assembly.

My passion lies in Render Programming, but I also enjoy optimizing code and streamlining workflow by creating tools. I’m very comfortable working with C++, DirectX 11 and Windows API, and I’d be happy to learn more cool things!

I believe that my biggest strengths are that I can scope well and iterate very quickly which increases my productivity. Something that I’m constantly working on improving is communication with people from different disciplines, it’s gone pretty well lately since I’ve worked a lot with Graphics and Tools which has forced me to communicate more with other disciplines. I think that working closely with people cross disciplinary is important to find elegant and creative solutions that would’ve otherwise not been as great.

In my free time I like to play games that are challenging and require skill to some degree to get that nice feeling of improvement over time, a lot like learning code.