Table of contents

    The Game

    You are in a cube, with a lot of cubes. Most of the cubes are blocking your way out, but one of them seems anxious to get out. So the question is: what do you do now?

    This game is a very fun and challenging puzzle game in the form of virtual reality. In the screenshot you can see it looks in-game for the player. When you manage to solve a puzzle, you can advance to the next level.


    Stephen Hawking Can Play This: In the game everything (including any menus) can be navigated with one button, without any need for quick/precisely timed presses.

    My Contributions

    For this game I programmed the puzzle for the first level, where the cubes rotate and react to the player input. I also programmed the movement of piper using a mathematical function that tries to make the movement look natural.

    Other than programming, I made the cursor in the middle of the screen, the textures on the walls of the cube and I also create a bonus level at the end.

    The Team

    Hussein Taher - Programming, Graphics

    Emilia Lindholm - Graphics, Audio

    Jérémy Tuloup - Programming

    Dharam Kapila - Programming, Audio

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