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    The Game

    Gobble Trouble is a hectic party game for up to 4 players. As you franticly try to outrun a crumbling course you will claw your way in front of your adversaries, pushing each other back and doing your best evil laughter when you send them to their doom with a well placed swap.

    My Contributions

    For this game jam I built some quick tools for the Level Designers to play with in Unity. First I created a tool which they could use to procedurally generate segments by feeding the tool different curves. They could then customise these segments by adding gameplay elements to them.

    I then took care of the endless world scrolling that you can see in the trailer where random segments are loaded into the levels in chunks.

    All the menus, controller assignment to players and in-game GUI were made by me.

    I also wrote the lava shader used for our volcanoes.

    The Team

    Hussein Taher - Programming, Tools

    Anton Pilmark - Level Design, Audio

    Joshua Christiansen - Level Design, Scripting

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