My Contributions


I rewrote our PBR implementation to achieve a quality closer to Unreal Engine’s PBR. This made it possible for a lot of different materials such as gold and wood to look more physically correct. Both the quality and the performance of the lighting was greatly improved from this rewrite and the code was more maintainable.
I also implemented Sub Surface Scattering because we had a lot of plants lying around and our enemies had fruits on their heads, it gave a pretty nice effect when light passed through them.
Since our artists wanted to create a modular set for this project, and reused a lot of assets, I implemented instancing which worked really well.


Since I rewrote our PBR, I needed to create a new light component for our Level Designer’s to use in Unity.

Project Details

  • 10 weeks half time
  • Our own engine
  • C++ and DirectX 11
  • Unity as editor
  • Team Size: 5 programmers, 3 graphical artists, 3 level designers, 2 technical artists.