My Contributions


Implemented skeletal animations, particle systems, smart textures and a take-down shader.


I further improved my editor from Dragon Rage, once again heavily inspired by UbiArt Framework.
I made the editor more user-friendly for our Level Designers and Graphical Artists by taking feedback and adding features. This made it easier for them to work with the editor with the goal of making a 2D platformer.
The editor now had support for Smart Textures and Particles Systems.

Project Details

  • 8 weeks half time
  • In-house engine
  • C++
  • Team Size: 5 programmers, 3 graphical artists, 2 level designers.

Smart Textures

One of the things that I’m most proud of in this project is my Smart Texture.

Since we were making a 2D platformer, I watched a couple of videos about UbiArt Framework explaining how they made the Rayman games. In these videos, they showed something that they called Smart Textures, it’s basically like a simple 2D terrain.

So, I decided to make my own implementation of this and I was very happy with the results!

You can also notice that the texture on the entire mesh moves when I’m moving a point. The reason for this is that all the texture coordinates are being adjusted so that we have the maximum number of tiles while still guaranteeing that the start point and end point of the entire Smart Texture remain tileable.