My Contributions


Implemented Animations, real-time Shadows and improved our 2D Rendering making it more crisp when using alpha blending.
Added support for custom shaders on different models allowing our Technical Artists to add unique behaviours. Some of the things that we were able to make were dynamic trees and enemies that blinked faster when they got closer to the player.
I wrote a Volumetric Fog Renderer for the pits in our levels using Ray Marching and a 3D Volume Texture containing noise.


I added more Post Processing such as Chromatic Aberration and Vignette for improved player feedback.
I also updated our Particle Systems to support different emission types which suited our game more and gave more freedom to our Technical Artists.


Wrote a Threaded Path Finding system using A-star on a navmesh, triangles on the navmesh could be turned on and off in real-time to support opening gates.
The navmesh was initially loaded from a FBX file and then converted into my own Binary format for quick loading of the navmesh.

Project Details

  • 10 weeks half time
  • Our own engine
  • C++ and DirectX 11
  • Unity as editor
  • Team Size: 5 programmers, 3 graphical artists, 3 level designers, 2 technical artists.